Surviving AI: Why a Strong Personal Brand is Essential for Job Security

I recently came across this article by Aliza Licht, a PR and marketing professional with decades of experience, and wanted to share some insights from it with you.

As generative AI gets smarter and more powerful, human workers are increasingly concerned about their own livelihoods.

Despite CEOs’ assurances that AI will enhance rather than replace human skills, there’s still a potential gloomy outlook as machines become more capable.

According to a recent report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 4,000 jobs have already been lost in the tech industry thanks to artificial intelligence.

Licht has an idea of what could be a key differentiator when it comes to not losing our job to AI: a strong, well-maintained personal brand that proves your value.

Especially with tools like ChatGPT, Licht told Fortune Connect, a personal brand is no longer a choice, but rather a requirement to stay afloat.

But it’s not enough just to have a personal brand. In her opinion, you should make sure your personal brand doesn’t gather dust.

Letting your brand “get dusty,” she says, can be dangerous, “especially with A.I. right now; it’s a very precarious time.”

In the meantime, I’m curious to know what you think a “dusty” personal brand looks like.

What are your suggestions on how to keep your personal brand fresh?

Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to read them.

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