Personal branding: Predictions for 2024

I recently came across an article in which some industry experts shared their predictions for personal branding in 2024. Here are some of them that I think are interesting:

Mark Schaefer, executive director at Schaefer Marketing Solutions:

We went through a phase when personal branding had a negative connotation. I think those days are finally over and in 2024 marketers finally realize this might be a central part of our efforts for three reasons 1) with a rise of deep fakes, we will turn to those we trust, 2) we may mistrust ads, but we trust thought leadership, and 3) with AI nipping at our skill sets and perhaps even our careers, being known and trusted may be the only way we can fight back.

Olesija Saue, personal branding strategist and executive coach:

A personal brand is no longer what others say about you when you leave the room. It’s what people know about you before you enter one. Personal branding is getting increasingly important, and in 2024, it will be a must-have strategic tool. The focus will shift from widespread visibility to targeted impact, where individuals will leverage their personal brand to influence niche communities more effectively. Personal branding will no longer be a passive digital footprint but an active, strategic tool for career advancement, thought leadership, and personal growth.

Daniela Viek, founder and director at Youbrand.Company:

Increased use of AI tools for photo generation, content production and primary care via digital platforms, among other applications. What can generate productivity gains, cost reduction and performance, on the other hand can compromise authenticity and authority. This trend will bring with it the need for a lot of management attention to strike the perfect balance between benefit and what could harm the perception of value of a personal brand.

What are your personal branding predictions for 2024?

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