My only advice for 2024

This morning I had a conversation with someone who asked me if his idea was worth pursuing.

Context: he had a nightly dream in which he was “told” the name of a brand, the activity and direction, etc.

My advice to you:

Stop asking other people (even if they are your trusted mentors) if your idea is good or worth pursuing. No one can see what you see and how you see it.

If you have an idea, be brave to follow it, because therein lie the lessons you need to learn in order to evolve and expand.

You’ll discover for yourself what you have to discover, and to be honest, there are no bad ideas. All ideas lead somewhere if you take action.

You have to try, see, learn, adapt and repeat.

I have had many genius ideas that I never dared to bring to life because I asked other people for validation and they thought my ideas were bad. Only to realize years later that others had implemented what I had seen and achieved great success with it.

This taught me two things:

  1. I should only listen to myself and
  2. I can trust that even if I am the only one who sees something, I should still pursue it.

In 2024, listen to your intuition, because it’s only there to bless you.

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As usual, stay on the rollercoaster until the ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with yourself!

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