My 2020 year in review. My lessons

Start the new year in full power and let go of all the things that didn’t work in 2020, be in the practice of not blaming 2020 for the things you didn’t choose to do. We were all very challenged in all the sides of the world, over and over again, month after month, lockdown after lockdown. OK, it is time to let it all go my dear. Stop holding on into what could have been, and embrace joyfully what it is.

If you are here, it means that whatever you put yourself up to, you can do it. But not unless you leave behind yourself everything that didn’t work. Be ready, I have small tip for you.

So grab your favorite notebook, or a piece of paper and the best pen you have around, take colorful crayons and get yourself going. Ask yourself the following five amazing questions:

  • What have I done this past year, that made me very and super duper proud?
  • What were the challenges of 2020?
  • What did I have to unlearn in order to have a breakthrough?
  • What teachings have I learned on the process of dealing with these challenges?
  • What do I want to let go of?
    Write down your answers, and let me tell you… Don’t rush it, woman. You need this.

Here are a few of my 2020 lessons

I have learned to accept myself
I have learned to trust the process
I have learned to love myself
I have learned to not label anything
I have learned to see myself in all the ways I exist
I have learned to give myself time
I have learned to not give myself a hard time
I have learned to breath
I have learned to take more breaks
I have learned to allow myself to sleep
I have learned to see a deeper sense for everything in life
I have learned to be committed to myself
I have learned to not judge
I have learned to innovate
I have learned to not self-sabotage myself and my work
I have learned to to learn
I have learned to to unlearn
I have learned a new skill
I have learned to monetize a new skill
I have learned to be confident enough to monetize a new skill
I have learned to research how to monetize new skills
I have learned to be bold and move towards where I want to go
I have learned to partner up
I have learned to leverage and delegate tasks to my new team members
I have learned to dream big
I have learned to monetize passions
I have learned to start from 0
I have learned to look for help
I have learned to communicate directly and effectively
I have learned to accept that not everyone likes me
I have learned to fail over and over

Stop holding on onto what could have been, and embrace joyfully what is.



Of course, some of the things that I have learned, aren’t new. But it is a life long practice y’all. So no matter what is on your list, don’t give yourself a hard time. Sometimes we just need to relearn lessons that we were thought when we were young, and sometimes we have to unlearn them. Sometimes we have to repeat the same mistakes to be more prepared and capable of seeing something new, to be able to deal more powerfully with anything coming our way.

Whatever you have learned, you got this. 2021 will be your year, and I want you to keep this in mind as you go work for your dreams. Remember, whatever you focus on GROWS!

I truly hope this article helped you to bring some clarity over the past year. Feel free to write your comments below and I will make sure to respond via Q&A Video Day.
Stay on the rollercoaster until the ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with yourself!

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