Leading Clevers

Looking back at 2021 and seeing how many things I have accomplished, I am blown away. I would have not accomplished not even half of these things without my teams to which I’m very grateful for.

I have the honor to work with very smart people, and when I say smart I don’t mean just smart, I mean talented, I mean clever… cleverness to an extent that is mind blowing.

Managing clevers is not an easy job. You’re not just being a manager or a leader, you’re also being a guide, a mentor, a confessor and you’re always present for them with the right and newest information.

They never get bored. Their minds are always active, always on the go, always bringing new ideas. Very entrepreneurial minds, at core.

To lead them you have to have humility. And toughness. Either alone will be insufficient.

Their cleverness is central to their identity. They identify with their work and what they do. Their skills are not easily replicated and they know it.


You’ve got to have humility and toughness.


Clever people are highly talented individuals. They can create disproportionate amounts of value from the resources made available to them.

Inspiration, a bigger vision, something so big, almost not accomplishable will drive them to look for solutions in unimaginable ways, that are so creative because they are not afraid. To be vulnerable. They know it is not about them, but about something bigger than them.

Clevers are people who take risks.

They want to be connected only with similar people because they understand that who they know is also what they know. They see growth and seek growth by default. They don’t try, they just do it.

They understand that who they know is also what they know.

Managing clevers is a nightmare. And is also golden. For the leader, the team and the organization itself.

Give the clevers free hand to create things that are so big, you’ll look back and say: “That’s my team”.

Empower your clevers. Feed them information. They’ll stick around. And make you grow. Because they grow.


Thanks for reading my thoughts, let me know what you think in the comments sections below. Until then, stay on the rollercoaster until the ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with your journey!

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