It makes no sense not to Start with Values…

If you know me, you know that I always emphasize the importance of values in personal branding and believe that defining our values is the starting point.
Recently, I came across a different take on values from Amelia Sordell, founder of personal branding agency Klowt.

She believes that the process of personal branding should start with defining your goals and not with the question “What do you want to be known for?” because that does not make sense.

In her opinion, such a question is like going to someone and asking them about their values, and she argues that this is not the best way to approach personal branding, as values are internal and cannot be easily articulated.

While I agree that expressing values is not easy and I like Amelia, I have a different view of values as a starting point.

This is my approach to values and goals that has helped me build successful personal brands for my clients:

Of course goals are important. They give us direction. But how can you choose the right goals if you do not know your values? How can you know how to get there if you do not know your values?

If you’re aware of your values, you’ll choose your goals more wisely and find the path that aligns with your values to achieve that goal. Values are the compass.

Here is the simplified version of my personal branding process:

  • Define your values: Start by identifying your most important values by thinking about what makes you angry. For example, if you’re annoyed by people who don’t behave with integrity, it means that you value “integrity.”
  • Define your goals based on your values: Choose the goals that align with your values. For example, if you want to achieve more financial freedom by working with well-paying clients, not only set a financial goal, but also commit to working only with clients who value integrity. Otherwise, over time, you’ll become so angry, frustrated, and drained that the paycheck won’t be worth it in the end.
  • Use your values as a compass: Like a pilot who has to keep adjusting the flight route, you need to refer to your values every time you want to make a decision or take an action on the way to achieving your goals. This will keep you on course.

That said, at the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself what works best for you.

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