Fear of Being Irrelevant in Personal Branding

In the conversations I am having with some of my clients, I see a lot of fear. Especially the fear of being irrelevant.

  • What if what I have to say is not relevant enough?
  • What if what I have to say is not in anyone’s interest?
  • What if no one cares?

The “what if” monologue stops them before even trying.

  • What if this has been said before?
  • What if this has been done before?

Of course it has been said before, but it has not been said by you. Of course it has been done before, but it has not been done by you.

Even Shakespeare was inspired by things that other people said, and everything we read today is his interpretation at the time of something that already existed in a similar way.

It has been done before, but it has not been done by you.

Check this quote I found on Google:
“Shakespeare used stories from older books of all sorts for his non-historical plays. He borrowed from Latin and Greek authors as well as adapting stories from elsewhere in Europe. Hamlet is borrowed from an old Scandinavian tale, but Romeo and Juliet comes from an Italian writer writing at the same time as Shakespeare.” You see? Everyone needs inspiration.

I want to see you ask yourself these question, instead:

  • Is what I have to say relevant for me?
  • Is what I have to say in my interest?
  • Do I care about this enough, to write about it?

Now this is what I’m talking about. This is personal branding. Your values. In the game. What you stand for. Not necessarily what your audience wants to hear, but who you are, and what you want to put out in the world out of who you are. That is you, monetizing yourself.

I love this work so much.

Stay on the rollercoaster until the ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with yourself!

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