Joyfully Be! Don’t try to become

Chose this quote because it remembers me of something very powerful that I have learned attending a transformational program, summer of 2018 in Atlanta. Long story short, during the program, a man stood up and said
“I try to do it but I just don’t succeed!”.

Is there something you are trying to do so hard and you just cannot do it?

The program leader told him: “You see this bottle of water, on the desk? Please try to pick it up.” So did he, the man picked up the bottle, very easily. Then the leader said: “You see, you did not try to pick up the bottle, you just did pick up the bottle. Everything else, is just the same. Stop trying, just do it.”

It was a moment when I have realized how many times I stood in my own way of doing and being. Blaming it, on trying.

Trying, was the excuse.

So it is, with Osho’s quote. Don’t try to become, just be.

Be those things you keep on saying to yourself you want to be!
Make a choice of being all those things today, not waiting for another better, sunnier Monday.

Stop trying to become a better partner, a more understanding person, better son, better parent, healthier, fitter or wiser.

Just be.

I am writing this post to make you think about your relationships. Maybe write a few names down and make an analysis. To let go of the meaning you attach to things and people. To accept yourself and live the beauty of having meaningful connections.

So, make that phone call you want to do since months and you find excuses not to. Call someone and say “I appreciate you.”, “I love you.”, “You are important to me.”, let people know how you feel, be vulnerable.

Love freely.

I really do hope that this article made you question a few things, and I would be most grateful and happy if it actually triggered you to take an action.

Until next time, remember to stay on the rollercoaster until your ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with yourself.

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