About me 

I’m an entrepreneur, host, speaker, trainer, artist and activist with a burning desire to make the world a better place.

I was born in Alba Iulia, Romania before the revolution in ’89 and I left the country during my second year of University in ’08. I have lived in 7 countries ever since and I settled in Chamonix, France and Geneva, Switzerland. I held management positions in 8 countries across 3 continents.

I ventured into personal branding during a complete identity crisis while being in the worng relationship far away from home. After I left the relationship, I moved back to France to launch my personal branding agency.

My biggest dream is to make personal branding available in high schools around the world and to create inspirational leaders that will build a better and more sustainable world.

When I discovered my dreams were too big to be achieved by myself, I joined Arcbound’s leadership team to connect the world and collaborate for the greater good. Arcbound is a top personal branding firm based in DC, USA. I’m their Director of Personal Branding and Strategic Partnerships. In my role I’m leading purposeful personal brand strategies for our clients, while I’m focusing on strategically connecting our European and American markets. Our clients are top Fortune 500, Ivy League researchers and professors, YPO-ers, global executives, CEOs and change makers.

My biggest dream is to make personal branding available in high schools around the world and to create inspirational leaders that will build a better and more sustainable world.

Outside the thought leadership and personal branding space, I co-founded Chamonix Crypto, an NGO using web3 innovation for environmental good. And because it felt natural to combine the two, I founded Brand Capital Advisors, a boutique personal branding cabinet for crypto and web3 founders.

I’m a true advocate for mental health, therapy, looking for help and redefining possibilities. You can find me speaking on personal branding, self-expression, entrepreneurship, mental health, leadership and web3.

I earned a joint degree in Public Law and Economics, and a dual MBA in Sustainable Development and Business Communication. I completed multiple programs on psychology, neuroscience, leadership, marketing and communication. And I’m one of the proud ones to speak five languages fluently.

And because all that is not flavored enough, I sing under my artist and stage name, Shellä.

During my lifetime I crossed paths with many worldwide known artists including Madonna, Ciara, Snoop Dogg & Jason Derulo and Fortune 500 investors, best-selling authors and government officials including presidents of state.

I’m picky with whom I work with, because I understand who I know is what I know.

It’s important for me to create a world of functional and inspirational leaders. I was born in comunism, remember? That’s why I work with entrepreneurs who change the world.

My mission is to keep aligned, who they are with what they do. To position them as authorities. To create strong personal brands and get more voices to follow their vision. To establish validated trust and thought leadership.

I enjoy this work, it is what I’m meant to do. My dreams are big, and I won’t stop until I accomplish them. Personal branding will be in school curriculums around the world and teens will do values, vision and mission work. 

If you think you’re fit and up for big things, get in touch. Let’s get coffee!

I don’t have all the answers, but here’s one thing I’m sure about: everything you need to transform your life comes from within.

You might not afford to work with me. If that’s the case you can enroll in the Personal Branding Incucbator, my live signature group program or enjoy the free content I create.

You’ll get some tools that’ll make you roll up your sleeves.

Yes, this is a business that sells things. We are a small team of 3, and we all share the same vision for a better world.

My desire for you is to enjoy our passion and to find our work valuable.

I am most honored and grateful that you have e-visited me, and I hope you’ll stick around.