At 1 year old I was hidden under the bed in my parents’ bedroom. The shootings during the communist revolution were not easy to swallow.

But ‘little’ after that I became a non-practicing lawyer. I spent four years of my life studying to get the degree but it took me less than four months to run away from it. And it was the best decision of my life. Because then, I completed two MBAs that made more sense and helped me get connected to people in a way law couldn’t do it.

I fast realized I was a risk-taker. An entrepreneur. I lived in 8 countries to get rid of the communist patterns, then I founded 2 companies that help shape the future:

Brand Capital Advisors and Chamonix Crypto Curious.

Living in many countries taught me a lot about culture, diversity and what people care for. I’m fluent in five languages, but that’s not what makes me a native communicator. It’s my social butterfly spirit that makes me a natural networker and strategist. It is what I do. It is why people look for me.

During my lifetime I have crossed paths with many worldwide known artists including Madonna, Ciara, Snoop Dogg & Jason Derulo and worked with global investors and CEOs, best-selling authors and government officials including presidents of state.
I’m picky with whom I work with, because I understand who I know is what I know.

I care about good leadership. It is important for me to create a world of functional and inspirational leaders. I work with entrepreneurs that have potential to change the world, and with politicians who already do it.
My mission is to keep aligned, who they are with what they do. To position them as authorities. To create strong personal brands and get more voices to follow their vision. To establish validated trust and thought leadership. It’s a good reason to wake up every morning.

I don’t have all the answers, but here’s one thing I’m sure about:everything you need to transform your life comes from within.

You might not afford to work with me. If that’s the case you can enroll in my signature group program or enjoy the free content I create. You’ll get some tools that’ll make you roll up your sleeves.

Yes, this is a business that sells things. We are a small team of 4, and we all share the same vision for a better world.

My desire for you is to enjoy our passion and to find our work valuable.

I am most honored and grateful that you have e-visited me, and I hope you’ll stick around.