A Short Story About Commitment

Do you know there was a moment in my life in which I had to have 4 jobs at once? Yes, 4! It happened in France! I barely had enough time to run from a place to another, not even mentioning anything about sleep or rest.


What kept me going, was commitment. I could see it, I envisioned it, I still do see it.

And I hope for each and every one of us, to see it.

How committed are you?

To show up?

To go for it? To do whatever you have to do? No matter how it makes you look… bad, fool, beginner, not there yet or many other versions of “not ready”, or “not good enough”.

That moment, in which I understood that what I did, was not who I was, gave me power. A lot of power.

I understood that I was valuable though simply existing and being alive, and I didn’t needed a fancy title in order to be a valuable human being. And that I was much more than any title I could have had.

Such a game changer, I’m telling you!

It felt like I escaped from prison.

Holy F! At the time I felt like I won the game of life. I was free, to do anything without making it mean something negative. It felt like I escaped from prison.

I truly hope this short story brought a little trigger towards commitment. Feel free to write your comments below and I will make sure to respond via Q&A video day.

Stay on the rollercoaster until the ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with your journey!

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