70 Questions: Personal Branding, The Kardashians, Web3 and Shellä

Last month I spent some time in Lisbon, Portugal. Actually I spent six weeks in Portugal, by the ocean with friends and working remotely. Before my departure I stopped in Lisbon for a couple of days for a business meeting and that’s how I met Elham Mohammadi. A super sweet journalist based in Lisbon that I got to meet via Dave Williams, one of my mentors and close friends. And a couple of days ago, she published an article about my journey, inspired by Vougue. 70 questions with one of her guests. 

I’ll let you discover her 70 questions with me in her original article, but here are a few hints! 

A fun fact about personal branding?

It brings you home!

What personal branding IS NOT?

Personal branding is not self-promotion without giving something back. 

On your website, you refer to yourself as a “personal branding architect.” Why the word “architect”?

Because I bring all areas of your life into the game. You can’t just live your brand from 9 to 5. 

You’ve never…?

Eaten cheese. 


I used to love it. Now I love music more. I recently released my first single under my artist name, Shellä. The song is called “Nothing Wrong”, and I’m working on organizing a mental health campaign around it. I’m a mental health advocate.

Listen it here on Spotify

Why are you advocating for mental health?

I’ve struggled a lot, and, for a long time, I wasn’t aware of how much trauma was ruling my life. Now that I act out of love and not out of fear, I can create anything I want.

Is that why you said personal branding should be taught in schools?

Absolutely. Personal branding should be part of every school’s curriculum. I’m going to keep fighting for it until I make it happen. I know it’ll change the world. School students need to know their values, principles, vision, and mission. They’ll determine how they behave, what they participate in, and how they live.

A lesson you could transfer from personal branding to Chamonix Crypto?

The conversations about values in general. Without values, you get lost in life. Or in business.

What’s “regenerative finance” in simple terms?

It uses money as a tool to solve systemic problems, especially in the natural environment. My colleague and partner Siobhan Moret recently wrote a blog post on this topic. It’s a good read.


The team of my life.

Something you’re very proud of?

I was born in a communist country and grew up with the limited belief that being expressive won’t pay the bills, and now I teach people how to be expressive to make millions, sometimes billions of dollars. Anything is possible.

Go read the entire article on Elham’s page here. We had so much fun!

As usual, stay on the rollercoaster until the ride ends. Great things need time to manifest, so be patient with yourself!

See you next time.

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