21 Questions With Wandy Luz

I met Wandy Luz at the airport in Mexico City in 2019. I remember it as if it were today. Before I met her, I only had a photo of her that my friend Jennifer had sent me on WhatsApp. She said, “This is what Wandy looks like.” We were all going to spend the next month working and traveling together.

My friend at the time and now mentor, Dave Williams, introduced me to many people, including her. Wandy Luz. This brilliant, wise, walking person who inspires me every day.

Wandy Luz is an inspirational author and spiritual mentor. She is best known for her book, The Metamorphosis Is Irreversible, and for building an influential 1.2M-strong community on Instagram without posting pictures of herself, but white card quotes. You know that’s rare.

Since the publication of her book, and even before, Wandy has been a driving force for personal transformation and spiritual growth. She has helped countless people regain their power and agency, and is a major source of inspiration for many in the field of personal development. She’s definitely a powerful example of how even the most difficult journeys can lead to growth, joy and fulfillment.

I am so excited to introduce her to you, as I’m sure you will be inspired by her brilliance and wisdom.

In this interview, I asked her 21 questions about work and life.

1. What’s Metamorphosis, Wandy?
It means to me the highs of some of our most intense and important processes. You spend time in the cocoon, sometimes you crawl and eventually you find out you have wings and are ready to fly!

2. How do you define success?
Sleeping in peace with all that you are and doing and waking up excited and energized to work on something meaningful, fulfilling and leave a footprint in the world.

3. Building a 1M people community on Instagram? Easy or hard?
I haven’t tried hard to get followers. It all happened organically but still I worked hard on making sure I was being me and not losing track of what it really matters in the process which is not just the numbers.

4. What is your definition of personal development?
To look back and realize I’m a better person today and to feel proud every step of my journey. It’s also the realization that some challenges could have made me turn into a bitter, angrier person but at the end of the day I use whatever has happened to keep being good.
“You deserve to celebrate not only who you’ve become but who you could’ve become and fought not to be.”

5. What is the cost of not developing yourself as a human being?
I believe in the concept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and to really feel, experience life as it should be, we have to work on our development, we have to get to know ourselves, evolve, be good, do good. Otherwise we’d be only existing, not truly living.

6. Personal branding. Important or not?
Absolutely! But equally important is to never compromise your authenticity in the process.

7. How would you describe your own personal brand?
Simple, minimalist yet noticeable and impactful because what is always highlighted in my content, is my purpose.

8. Your working out routine? You transformed your body, how did you do it?
I’m still in this process of working on my body and health. It has been such a powerful process. I have finally understood the saying: There is no freedom without discipline. I workout 5-6 times a week, mainly strength training and I have completely changed my diet. It is not only for the physical appearance but proving to myself I can do it!

9. When did you know you can write?
I have always, since I can remember, written in my diaries. Always felt the need to write about my feelings. But when I read Anne’s frank diary, it hit me that the only way that stories, experiences, feelings can be immortalized is true writing and sharing it with people. It’s something I cannot explain to this day but I have this desire to be connected with people’s hearts, souls through words. It is what excites me the most in life!

“You deserve to celebrate not only who you’ve become but who you could’ve become and fought not to be.”

10. Your process of writing a book?
I need solitude, good coffee and a good walk in the park/nature to bring my inspiration to life.

11. What was the number one challenge you faced while writing your book?
The self-doubt. It happens every now and then that I don’t think what I write is good/interesting enough. But I never let it get the best of me.

12. What were the major things you had to overcome to become the inspirational person you are today?
The challenges of my childhood. Feelings of rejection, and the depression, anxiety that some of the traumas my childhood gave me. Being cheated and disrespected in a relationship and the belief that I had for many, many years that I was not worthy of happiness and good things in life.

13. Any advice for anyone writing a book?
Don’t let the self-doubts stop you. Be real, vulnerable and above all, believe in what you have to share.

14. Meditation?
I can’t imagine life without meditation.
Meditation is a necessity. 

15. Are you a mental health advocate?
I’d love to say I’m and hope I can do more on this. Without mental health nothing else matters!

16. Do you think emotional intelligence should be taught in schools?
Yes, yes and yes! One of the most important, if not the most, skill for human beings!

“I can’t imagine life without meditation. Meditation is a necessity.”

17. You’ve never…?
have never traded my dignity.

18. A person you find inspiring?
Brene Brown

19. Something you’re very proud of?
I’m most proud of the person I became despite all the challenges. 

20. What is your next book about and when will it be published?
It will be a mix of long and short texts that will reflect all the processes I have lived through in the last year, the breakup, the growth and learnings of all the changes that happened to me. It will be published in the second half of 2023.

21. Any parting thoughts, Wandy?
I will finish with a quote: “You are precisely where you need to be, living what you need to live, learning and becoming the person you need to be to live the life you deserve. Trust the process!”

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