21 Questions With Olúmidé Gbenro

When I first met Olúmidé Gbenro through my friend and mentor Dave Williams, I was very impressed with his profile. Instagram was lit, communication was lit, his PR was great, he lived in a dream place and seemed to have discovered something for himself that was clearly working for him. I have to say that Olúmidé is one of the most up-to-date people I know when it comes to new trends, technologies and money-making ideas.

Olúmidé is a digital nomad, entrepreneur and influencer focused on shaping the future of and for digital nomads, PR, real estate and most recently fatherhood. He was featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CNN and many others. 

Knowing your worth is something Olúmidé advocates for, and he understands the power or making a name for yourself like no other. After working on his personal brand and being very active on the socials, he was featured on CNBC and the post went viral, being viewed over 1.2 million times.

He currently lives in Europe, after freshly relocating from Bali. He’s the founder of a PR & media agency and teaches a course for digital nomads on how to make 10k/month with no experience. 

Olúmidé’s journey and unwavering commitment to success inspired me and I hope it will inspire you too. 

In this interview I asked him 21 questions about work and life.

1. Fatherhood, how do you feel about it?
I’ve never been motivated for anything in my life more than this. Everything else is peanuts.

2. You’re moving to Europe (Prague, Barcelona). What makes you move from Bali, which is part of your personal brand?
Everyone says this but the Bali branding was not intentional. The viral CNBC put me on the map in front of millions which brought that perfection but I’m in Europe now so give me 6 months and ask me again. :)

3. Why a digital nomad, Olúmidé?
Freedom. Go where I want when I want. 

4. The future of work? Your prediction for 2023?
Families are the future of work-life balance. 2023 we will show the world how.

5. What is your digital nomad course about and what does it promise its students?
It’s a master guide to earning 10k/month easily with 0 experience. The main model I teach is arbitrage where you hire someone to do the work while managing a team.

6. Does it include personal branding?
Yes! Of course I’ve always believed this is an invaluable skill so it’s on all my courses and content.

7. How would you describe your own personal brand?
World class network and expert in PR and viral marketing. 

8. What’s the downside of not having a personal brand?
No one knows what you stand for and you have 0 reach for scaling your business. 

9. Do you think values work and soft skills should be taught in schools around the world?
Absolutely! It’s what makes someone desirable and memorable in business AND life. 

AI is not a threat. The smart ones who know how to use it will get rich and those who complain will wither away.

10. You’re a PR & Media agency owner. Is PR “expensive” or “cheap”?
It’s not either. The value provided far outweighs the price paid. We solve a major problem and get reciprocated financially. 

11. Social Media on Web3? What changes will there be?
It’s going to get increasingly “fake” and “automated” less personal so I think those who can use AI to get things automated yet have their true voice and personality there will win. 

12. What AI apps do you use on a daily basis to make your life easier?
Chat GPT mainly to outline my writing, emails, grammar checks etc.

13. Is AI a threat?
Nope. The smart ones who know how to use it will get rich and those who complain will wither away.

14. Your biggest life lesson?
Patience. I tried desperately to “make it”. To make the first 6 figures as fast as possible. To get massive deals. But realized you need to start small and build. 

15. How can we stop selling ourselves short?
Do the inner work and know your worth. You are limitless. 

16. How did you build a 100M Sports Influencer Marketing Network?
I partnered with a sports real estate agent and helped him use Facebook Ads and video marketing to pull some of the NBA’s biggest names to represent them. 

17. A person you find inspiring?
Gerard Adams. A great example of balance in family, business and entrepreneurship. 

18. How did you get featured on CNBC?
They reached out to me after googling my name. I’ve always told people “get your Google presence right”. I think they also watched a few videos of me and liked my personality.

19. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
I think the work on my past traumas and negative self thought. It’s easy to make excuses: “My parents didn’t do this..” ,“I’m being discriminated against so I can’t rise” etc. It’s all bullshit, you are limitless. Now go do it.

20. Something you’re very proud of?
Being more patient and less anxious with work. I meditate now and do breathwork every day and its’ made my life more structured and healthy.

21. Any parting thoughts, Olúmidé?
I would say, work on your inner self, your perceptions of yourself should be healthy and that you are able to achieve anything. Do breathwork every day till you see your daily habits, relationships, and business improve.

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