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Founder of Brand Capital Advisors, host, trainer, podcaster and leader of the Personal Branding Incubator.

Claudia Miclaus Hi
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of Monologues with Claudia

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Claudia’s signature 5-day online is designed to help you clarify your vision, goals and message, so you can build and grow your online reputation.

It brings together personal and digital branding, copywriting and business development in an all-in-one methodology.

“Many have great ideas, but lack the follow through.
Claudia is that catalyst that helps you execute and grow.”
- Neeti Dewan, Author of "The Executive Yogi", Founder, Harvard Board Member

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“Claudia helps you architect your personal and digital brand so you can live the life you have always dreamed of.

- Dave Williams, Co-founder, NOMADX

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Claudia’s dearest passion!

To produce free content on personal and digital branding, leveraging individuals and successful entrepreneurs from my very international network. The aim of these episodes is to guide you through life and digital entrepreneurship having the tools you need to consistently recreate your algorithm. 

Get a 5 minutes podcast with Claudia’s thoughts straight into your inbox every Sunday evening. It’s a promise, breakdown or breakthrough, will be epic!