Claudia is a top personal brand architect, host, trainer, leader of the Personal Branding Incubator and a web3 enthusiast.  

Your Personal Branding Strategy

Clarity Session 

Do you need to get crystal clear about your personal brand? 
All it takes is a short call with high value information that ends with ideas, clarity and action steps. 90 minutes of value customized for you and your needs. 

Discovery call Claudia Miclaus

I understood who I really was and what I wanted to convey only after I met Claudia. I’m very grateful for the guidance I received and for the light it brought me. Now I do trust myself and my project!

It was a life-changing experience.

- Denisa Filcea, Miss Planet 2019, Founder and CEO of "Gift of Beauty" & "Be a Lady"

Dave Williams


Claudia’s signature 5-day online program is designed to help you clarify your vision, goals and message, so you can build and grow your online reputation.

It brings together leadership, personal and digital branding, copywriting and business development in an all-in-one methodology.

Claudia is a native at making you look good.
If she chooses to work with you, you’ve got the winning ticket.

- Dave Williams, Co-Founder NOMADX

Dave Williams
Discovery call Claudia Miclaus

Claudia’s dearest passion is to help you win!
She produces free digital content on
life, business, crypto and leadership, leveraging individuals and successful entrepreneurs from her very international network. The aim of these episodes is to guide you through life and digital entrepreneurship, getting the tools you need to consistently grow and evolve so you can live the life of your dreams.

Many have great ideas, but lack the follow through.
Claudia is that catalyst that helps you grow.

- Neeti Dewan, Author of "The Executive Yogi", Founder, Harvard Board Member